CFC Charity

The Caribbean Football Club is a charitable organization whose purpose is to promote football players in the West Indies (not exclusively) and to promote football and facilitate a higher standard of training, mentoring, coaching and sports education for the benefit of the Caribbean community.

Sport has a tangible benefit to a region. Worldwide it accounts for 3% of world trade. Sports Tourism is a growing area attracting new visitors to a region.

The Caribbean Football Matches are a pioneering programme of events designed to utilise the phenomenal power of sport, particularly football, to promote social mobility, to empower individuals, build their self-esteem, develop leadership skills and strengthen social relationships.

Football is a vehicle that can minimise the effects of poverty on marginalised youth and young adult populations in the Caribbean.

Through football individuals from various backgrounds and social levels are empowered with a “can do” attitude that is vital to a young person’s personal and educational development. This can bring about a lasting social change to that individual and to their region.

Through our mentoring and education programmes we will work alongside the regional Football Association to:-

– Advance gender equality
– Teach personal development & life skills
– Promote nutrition & health education
– Create income-generating activities & economically empowered individuals
– We also plan to develop links with colleges and academies in the US, Europe and the UK to improve young people’s scholarship opportunities and feed them into football development programmes abroad, should they choose this career pathway.

Research has shown that sports enables people to come together in an effort to bring about global peace and to share a desire for self-improvement. Through sport, young people learn sportsmanship skills, gain confidence in themselves and forge a sense of identity and purpose. It has been confirmed that being surrounded by a supportive group of people with similar goals, as in playing football, “can alleviate the negative effects of poverty.” By creating an environment to unite people of any gender, race, religious view, or socio-economic background you will be part of global movement for social justice and equality through your investment.